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Piet Hut: Origins Of Life And Herding Cats

Article – Suzan Mazur

Institute for Advanced Study astrophysicist Piet Hut moves lithely, unassumingly, harmoniously through a crowd often in signature t-shirt (unlike Piethut, the asteroid named for him orbiting the sun with a semimajor axis of 2.4 AU, an eccentricity of … Read more »

Tokyo Origin of Life Talks: Core of Earth–Beyond

Article – Suzan Mazur

In January there was Princeton’s publicly streamed powwow on Origin of Life oriented to chemistry. Then February’s private meeting on the subject at CERN on the Swiss-French border, focused on physics and philosophy. Tokyo’s upcoming symposium, March 27-29, … Read more »

Origin Of Life Soufflé Rises

Article – Suzan Mazur

Covering a recent Origin of Life meeting at CERN on the outskirts of Geneva, I was surprised to learn that I’d been made a member of Atlas, the particle physics experiment at CERN. As such, I probably qualified for a room at the CERN hotel (dormitory), … Read more »