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Edward C. Caswell’s Greenwich Village

Article – Suzan Mazur

Before Manhattan’s West Village became one of America’s financially richest zipcodes, a neighborhood of noisy outdoor eateries, Madison Avenue shops and streets cordoned off by television crews — it was a quiet place to live, a culturally rich community, … Read more »

Deeper into the Dorak Treasure Hoax

Article – Suzan Mazur

British journalist David Aaronovitch commented recently in The Times of London’s editorial pages on the death of archaeologist James Mellaart, whose passing has largely gone unnoticed in the media even though Mellaart’s discoveries in Turkey in the late … Read more »

Remembering Gore Vidal & the Imperial Ladies of Rome

Article – Suzan Mazur

Gore Vidal was expecting me at his flat that morning on the Via de Torre Argentina in Rome. He had agreed to an interview for the American edition of GEO magazine (which was about to go belly-up, although I didn’t know it). The subject was Caligula and … Read more »