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Freeman Dyson: Yes, “Garbage Bag World” Origins

Article – Suzan Mazur

Several weeks ago the Lonsdale prize went to researchers who think first life was RNA, a replicating creature. So I rang up Freeman Dyson, emeritus professor at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, to see if he still embraces the idea that … Read more »

Origin of Life, the Pack & the Prize: Lawrence Krauss

Article – Suzan Mazur

We like Harry Lonsdale and his generosity to science. But Lonsdale’s Origin of Life Challenge dollars, $200,000 of them, went to a team of British academics, a red flag perhaps that American researchers increasingly prefer the stage to the lab, as well … Read more »

Life and Non-Life Are Artificial Categories: Maggie Turnbull

Article – Suzan Mazur

Maggie Turnbull prizes her independence as a scientist. Turnbull’s an authority on habitable star systems. Touted in the media as a genius astrobiologist, and with an asteroid named after her, she says life is an artificial category. Read more »