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Evolution Sea Change? David H. Koch Weighs In

It was an exquisitely warm, sunny February day and New York’s groundhog had just bit the mayor, grabbing the headlines too. I made my way to the East Side, cutting through Barneys to the Madison Avenue offices of Koch Industries, Inc., the Kansas-based …
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Scott Gilbert: Evolutionary Mechanisms Knish

You’ve got to love the chutzpah of a scientist like Swarthmore biologist Scott F. Gilbert, who (along with his students) once wrote a feminist critique of fertilization narrative, as well as his joie de vie “moonlighting” as a piano player in a Jewish …
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The Rome Abstracts: “Evolutionary Mechanisms”

Why have the two major evolution conferences of the year (this and last) been hosted outside the United States? In July 2008, we had Altenberg, Austria and the “Extended Synthesis” , and on March 3-7, 2009 in Rome, “Biological Facts and Theories: A Critical …
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