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Zus Son Of Zus: The Defiance Film

One night during the untamed post-Woodstock years living in Greenwich Village, my sister and her husband introduced me to a gorgeous Israeli-American scholar and athlete named Jay, the son of Zus — Alexander “Zus” Bielski, a WWII resistance fighter and …
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Nature: Yes We Stole Yr Altenberg-Woodstock Theme

Now that Nature magazine — pants down — has admitted its theft and has partially and begrudgingly corrected the record regarding my first coverage of the Altenberg story, let’s put blame where blame is due. In a breach of public trust, the coordinator(s) …
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Ex NASA Astrobiology Instit. Chief Bruce Runnegar

I’ve been having bits and pieces of communication with former NASA Astrobiology Institute chief Bruce Runnegar in recent weeks in between his field trips to Australia — sometimes via his wife Maria, a biochemist at the University of Southern California. Runnegar …
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