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NASA Humanist Chris McKay: Where Darwinism Fails

Over the phone I detect a touch of William Shatner’s Kirk in the voice of NASA astrobiologist Christopher P. McKay . McKay admits he was inspired by the television series Star Trek 30 years ago and the “great voyages of discovery”. But while most of his professional …
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Why Obama’s K-12 Sex Ed Initiative Makes Sense

Column – Suzan Mazur

In the quest for a more positive dialogue between women and men, it’s worth revisiting George Lucas’ classic scifi film THX-1138 set in an underground city of tomorrow where sex is forbidden and drug sedation laws are to be obeyed. In the film LUH tells …
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David Deamer: Line Arbitrary Twixt Life Non-Life

When I reached origins of life investigator David Deamer by phone at his lab at the University of California, Santa Cruz, he told me the NASA Astrobiology program he’s part of encourages public outreach, since it is publicly funded, and that he’d …
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