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Ex-CIA Chief George Tenet, Vacuum Cleaners WMD

Following the thorough public bashing of former CIA director George Tenet over his current book, At the Center of the Storm , his mea culpa about botched Iraq WMD war intelligence — the question arises: Could the Bush II administration’s inspiration …
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Mazur: LDS Church — Mexico Drug Money Connection?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has had a presence in what is now Mexico since the 1870s. Some of those early polygamist Mormon settlers of Chihuahua’s Colonia Dublan and Colonia Juarez – where Mitt Romney’s father George W. was …
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Suzan Mazur: It Has Happened Here

With the dismantling of security states there is generally a toppling of the symbol of the reign of terror. America’s emblem has come to be the surveillance camera, which exploded on the US landscape as the PATRIOT Act began the usurping of precious …
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