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The Rescue Of Deuss’ Visionary Canterbury Tales

John Deuss, multi-millionaire Dutch oil man and, until recently, chairman of Bermuda Commercial Bank, is being questioned in his native Netherlands about “carousel” financial irregularities involving his Curacao bank. So what, you would be pardoned for asking, …
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Why Has John Deuss Offshore Bank Been Singled Out?

THE QUESTION IS WHY has Dutch businessman John Deuss’ offshore First Curacao International Bank (FCIB) been singled out over the issue of VAT on mobile phone sales deposited at FCIB — which mushroomed over the last two years from $60 million to billions …
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Italy Will Contest Medea Vase At Cleveland Museum

Cleveland Museum’s antiquities officials have failed to respond to my email request for information as to how the museum acquired the South Italian Medea vase in 1991 recently cited on this page Cleveland’s Got Prized South Italian Medea Vase . The …
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DC & Int’l Officers Clubs For Trysting Politicians

Opinion – Suzan Mazur

The current sex scandal involving former Congressman Mark Foley (Rep.-FL)begs the question: Just where do Washington politicians and US military seeking private trysting spots — free of pesky media and routine security questions — continue to find them?
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