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Suzan Mazur: The Italy-Met Euphronios Accord?

The battle for ownership of the Euphronios vase illustrates perfectly how the New York Times publishing family fools only itself. Sales of the newspaper deservedly continue to decline as the people responsible for putting the Times out think they …
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Maurizio Fiorilli – Italy’s Antiquities Prosecutor

Article – Suzan Mazur

Maurizio Fiorilli , a federal prosecutor in the ongoing Italian antiquities trafficking trial, does not think an army the size of the Roman Empire’s is the best approach to getting Italy’s Euphronios bowl and other looted ancient art back from American …
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Suzan Mazur “No Ransom” – Part II (With Audio)

Unlike many in the museum world, Metropolitan Museum Ancient Near East expert Oscar White Muscarella was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His childhood was spent in foster homes. And at age ten or eleven he was adopted by his mother’s second …
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